When purchasing any sporting memorabilia it is crucial that the buyer is always informed of the item's provenance.

I take pride in offering a premium, 100% authentic product and a professional service to all my clients.

The majority of obtained items are sold with an official certificate of authenticity, direct from the Club, Company, Dealer or Collector. It must be said, however, that genuine items need not always come provided with certification. This is the case for most match worn or issued items that come direct from a club contact. 



Unfortunately, item quality and authenticity varies considerably throughout the international memorabilia market. 

The global memorabilia community is a particularly small but well-connected network. The vast majority of items sold on internet auction sites are not genuine. This is why I never source items without substantial proof and knowledge that the item is 100% genuine. 

As such, customers are always given the original documentation and certification, where possible, at the time of purchase. This is something that is particularly important to me. 

Below are some helpful tips and advice you should consider before buying memorabilia online:


2. CHECK FOR CUSTOMER FEEDBACK - simply because a seller has sold thousands of items doesn't necessarily mean they are all genuine products.

3. ANYONE CAN MAKE A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY - just because a certificate is provided doesn't mean the item is 100% genuine.

4. A TRACKED DELIVERY / SHIPPING SERVICE IS ESSENTIAL - always ensure your item is sent via a tracked mail service so you know it has been sent and delivered.

5. DON'T TAKE THE RISK OF POTENTIALLY BUYING A NON-GENUINE ITEM -  with personal experience of people selling counterfeit goods, take that extra time to ensure all aspects of the item, the seller and the payment process are legitimate. 


Have peace of mind and purchase through SELECT BOOTS, who only deal with the industry's most reputable individuals.